What’s the Average Salary With a Masters in Physical Therapy?

Are you interested in working in the field of medicine, but don’t want to become a traditional nurse or doctor? If so, physical therapy could be a field you want to consider. In this kind of program, you’ll learn how to work with patients to regain or maintain mobility in the case of a disabling injury or illness. All states require you to earn at least a master’s degree in this field in order to get a state license to practice. What kind of salary can you earn if you go to school to become a physical therapist?

Average Salary for Physical Therapists

According to reports by the Bureau of Labor Statics, the average physical therapist earns $76,22o annually. This salary oes take into affect workers of all levels of experience, so keep in mind that if you’re just starting as a physical therapist, you can expect to earn more as you work in the field. The top 10 percent of all physical therapists earn $105,900 on everage, and some earn much more, so this is a field where a six figure salary is attainable.

Salary by Location

You can earn more as a physical therapist if you work in certain locations. According to reports, the top states in terms of salary for physical therapists were Alaska, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and California, as of May 2009. The average salary for physical therapists in all of these states is over $83,000 annually. You can also earn more money if you work in a major metropolitan area. The top cities for physical therapists, also as of May 2009, were Jackson, Michigan; McAllen, Texas; San Fransico, California; El Paso, Texas; and Ventura, Claifornia. Keep in mind, however, that along with a higher salary, you can expect a higher cost of living if you live in a large city.

Salary by Employer

The top physical therapists are able to work for some of the best-paying employers in the country. You have a limitless earning potential if you become a partner in a physical therapy practice, and you can also earn a lot of money by serving as a personal physical therapist for someone who is suffering for a long-term illness, though this kind of position is rare. Some of the most high-paying positions are with consulting service, home health care companies, family service, administrative services, and nursing homes; at all of these facilities, the average salary is over $78,000 annually.